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Ecogeographic information were gathered from the following sources:

Abiotic variables
WORLD CLIM - Global Climate Data Hijmans, RJ., Cameron, SE., Parra, JL., Jones, PG. and Jarvis, A. (2005)
HWSD - Harmonized World Soil Database FAO, IIASA, ISRIC, ISSCAS and JRC (2009)
DMEER - Digital Map of European Ecological Regions Painho, M., Farral, H., Barata, F. (1996)
Antropic variables
CORINE Land Cover Bossard, M., Feranec, J. and Otahel, J. (2000)
Natura 2000 EEC (1992); European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity (ETC/BD) (2009)
CDDA - Common Database on Designated Areas European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity (ETC/BD) (2009)
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An Integrated European In Situ Management Work plan: Implementing Genetic Reserves and On Farm Concepts (AEGRO)
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