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This website provides information on recommended locations, mainly in protected areas, suited for the establishment of genetic reserves for Avena, Beta, Brassica and Prunus targeted crop wild relative taxa across Europe, in the context of the AEGRO project. Available information includes ecogeographical data as well as an inventory of crop wild relatives belonging to the four target genera occurring at each location. The selection of these sites follows the principles established in the crop-genepool methodology for the identification of genetic reserve sites developed in Workpackage 2 of the AEGRO project. The AEGRO project focuses on the development of conservation strategies for both crop wild relatives that occur in natural or semi-natural habitats and landraces that are often found in traditional farming systems.

The web page was developed in the framework of Workpackage 09 of the AEGRO project.

Download this map at high resolution (tiff format)


Download the selected potential genetic reserves map (shapefile format)


Download the selected potential genetic reserves map (kmz format)


Download the presence data (point from CWRIS-PLIS database) used here (inside, 1 km and 10 km around protected areas) (kmz format)


Download the expert's point map (specific coordinates pointed out by each genepool's expert) (kmz format)



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